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Welcome to Disability Hoist Hire, the patient lifting equipment rental and training specialists. Disability Hoist Hire offer short and long term hoist hire - a cost effective way to meet your manual handling needs. Hoist training can also be provided for individuals or groups by our specialist manual handling advisory team.

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The health and social care sector are amongst the highest risk areas for back injuries at work. Approximately half of all accidents reported in these sectors happen to workers assisting or moving individuals with mobility problems. Manual handling injuries are, however, preventable. Our specialist advisors will be able to provide you with assistance whilst choosing your hoist.

Prevent Risks

Individuals with mobility problems are heavy and unpredictable loads and, therefore, workers handling patients with mobility problems are covered by the Manual Handling Regulations 1992. These Regulations say that employers MUST: Avoid manual handling wherever possible, Assess the risks and reduce them as far as is reasonably practicable.

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