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Arjo Sara Plus Hoist

The Arjo Sara Plus is the most advanced floor based standing and raising aid currently available. It can be utilised by a variety of individuals, with a huge range of abilities. It can be used for standing transfers, weight bearing exercise, standing practice and balance, stepping and walking training.

Download Arjo Sara Plus Standing and Rehabilitation Hoist Brochure

The Sara Plus Arjo hoist can be used for both rehabilitation and maintenance therapy. It can increase the quality of life an individual by allowing them to return to standing and walking. In other individuals it can increase quality of life by maintaining a certain level of mobility for as long as possible.

The Arjo Sara Plus is essentially two hoists in one. With the knee block and footplate in situ it is a standing hoist and static rehabilitation tool. With the knee block and foot plate removed it is a mobility and dynamic rehabilitation device.

The Arjo Sara Plus is far superior than its cheaper counterparts as it is the only floor based standing and raising aid that replicates normal movement during transfers. The individual is brought forwards during a stand with the sling supporting around the abdomen (and underneath the legs with some sling types) and the knees blocked, if required. Other similar hoists tend to use an under-arm lifting mechanism and / or mechanisms that cause the individual to lean back into the sling. These hoists are not advised for therapeutic use.

The Arjo Sara Plus Hoist assists carers in safely and efficiently moving and mobilising individuals. The Arjo Sara Plus Hoist can also be operated by a single attendant, thus can reduce number of carers required and, therefore, the cost of care.

Arjo Plus powered standing and raising aid.
  • Safe working load: 190 kg (29.9 stone)
  • Supplied with a detachable battery and charger
  • A Battery Discharge Indicator constantly displays the remaining power and indicates when the battery needs recharging
  • Low friction castors, the rear two with brakes
  • Built-in safety valve stops lift arm (Arc-Rest) powering down when lowered onto a object, when object is removed, the Arc-Rest maintains its position
  • Detachable footboard and kneeboard
  • Optional detachable commode/transfer seat complete with bedpan and holder
  • Optional second detachable battery
  • Commode seat. Narrow footboard
  • Wide Proactive Kneepad
  • S, M, L, XL standing sling range
  • M, L, XL walking sling range
  • Leg straps
  • Arm straps
  • Footboard raiser
  • Straight line steerer for walking during rehabilitation

Download Arjo Sara Plus Standing and Rehabilitation Hoist Brochure

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