Arjo Marisa Hoist

The Arjo Marisa Hoist is a versatile piece of lifting equipment. It is simple to operate and extremely comfortable for the patient.

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Arjo Marisa Hoist

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Hoist Specifications

The Arjo Marisa Hoists from Disability Hoist Hire come with Arjo’s tilting spreader bar and head and body support sling to allow the patient to be transferred in a comfortable, semi-reclined position. This allows the sling to remain secure during transfers and minimises the risk of injury to carers. The tilting spreader bar handle allows gentle positioning of the patient during raising and lowering – without having to push down on the patient's knees, causing discomfort, or pull on sling straps. This makes it easy to sit a patient up in bed or right back into a chair without touching the patient. Download the hoist brochure here: Download Arjo Marisa Brochure


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