Arjo Maxi Twin Hoist

The Arjo Maxi Twin Hoist is simple to operate and features a twin mast which gives the hoist a further reach and allows transfers from the floor.

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Arjo Maxi Twin Hoist

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Hoist Specifications

The Arjo Maxi Twin Hoist has a twin mast which improves stability and weight distribution of the hoist. It also allows a further reach so that it is easier to hoist someone from a bed without having to reposition them. The longer reach also means that someone can be hoisted from the floor if needed. The gap between the masts means that eye contact can be made throughout hoisting.

The sling fits onto the frame and can be easily rotated 360°, even during use. The hoist is operated via an electronic control so the entire hoist is very easy and simple to manoeuvre. All these features combine for safe, smooth and comfortable hoisting. Download the hoist guides here: Download Arjo Maxi Twin Manual Download Arjo Maxi Twin Further Info Download Arjo Maxi Twin Features


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