Liko Golvo Hoist

The Universal Mobile Hoist. The Liko Golvo hoist combines the advantages of a mobile hoist and an overhead hoist. The unique lifting principle gives the Liko Golvo hoist unbeatable flexibility and versatility.

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Liko Golvo Hoist

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Hoist Specifications

The secret of the Liko Golvo is its telescoping mast, which, as on an overhead lift, allows the lift strap to be adapted exactly for the person to be lifted. The lifting height and the space inside the hoist also make the Liko Golvo suitable for gait training, lifting with a stretcher and lifting from the floor. The Liko Golvo hoist is equipped with retractable armrests which can be used by the patient as well as the carer. Download the hoist brochure here: Download Liko Golvo Brochure


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