Types of Hoist

Mobile Hoists
Mobile Standing
Portable Gantry

Mobile Hoists

Mobile hoists are designed especially with the domestic care environment and patient in mind. This is the most commonly used type of hoist. Mobile hoists (also known as full hoists) provide maximum support and can be used for people of all ages with a variety of different abilities. Please click below for a full description of each mobile hoist. Mobile Hoists include:

Arjo Maxi Twin Hoist

Mobile Standing Hoists

Mobile standing hoists are designed to allow an individual to be transferred in a standing position. Standing hoists are not suitable for all individuals. Standing hoists can assist with rehabilitation, as each transfer is standing practice. Standing hoists can also be used during therapy as a standing and / or walking aid. Some individuals choose to have both mobile full hoist and a mobile standing hoist for therapeutic reasons. Please click below for a full description of each standing hoist. Standing Hoists include:

Arjo Sara Plus Hoist

Portable Gantry Hoists

With a portable gantry hoist there is less strain on the carer as no manual manoeuvring of the hoist is required. Portable gantry hoists use very little floor space, which eliminates the storage problems sometimes caused by floor based hoists. These hoists allow lifting, repositioning, weighing and transfers. Please click below for a full description of each portable gantry hoist. Mobile Hoists include:

Westholme Sequoia Hoist

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